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Rob Lemire is manager of Maine Adirondack Chairs, LLC.  The company designs and builds custom interior and exterior furniture of native White Cedar sourced locally.   Maine Adirondack Chairs is dedicated to providing well built products for reasonable prices.

Maine Adirondack Chairs, LLC

All of our outdoor furniture products are built of Eastern White Cedar.  This is a wood cherished for it's disease and rot resistant properties.  With proper care products can last for decades! 

We've created another line of furniture that we've named "Deluxe" Adirondack Furniture.  This line was created for customers who prefer their wood smooth on all four sides and we've rounded the edges.  Basically, we're planing and sanding all surfaces .  Oil finish is always available on all of our products at an additional fee.  Please email or call for deluxe prices. Basically, deluxe pricing is 1.5 times the standard product cost. ( example: regular chair = $110.00   deluxe regular chair = $165.00)

Maine Made

Maine Adirondack Chairs, LLC has been designated as a "Maine Made" company for it's handcrafted furniture and small alternate timber framed structures.

From Our Shop To Your Yard

Every piece of furniture Rob builds is designed for individuals who have requested pieces that are not easily obtained at other shopping venues.  Many are happy to be purchasing high quality products made in Maine of Eastern White Cedar at reasonable prices.  Simplicity, structural integrity, and beauty of form are three critical design criteria on all of our handcrafted furniture products.

White Cedar is naturally disease and insect resistant, but some love an oil finish.  Penetrating oil brings out the natural golden color of White Cedar.  Water will bead more readily when finished with oil.

We plane and sand one side of rough sawed Cedar boards.  We save time and you get more wood for your money.  Stainless fasteners are used on all of our products.


White Cedar will grey naturally over time.  Simple cleaning or light power washing will restore the lighter Cedar color of the wood.

 Deluxe Lawn Furniture--Adirondack Chairs 

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